Scientific editing and translation

ELSS, Inc. Terms of Service

This Terms of Service agreement is between ELSS, Inc., hereinafter referred to as ELSS, and all clients, each of whom must explicitly accept these Terms of Service before ELSS will accept any order from them.

ELSS accepts manuscripts from clients for provision of editorial or translation services (gyomu) only. Each manuscript remains the exclusive property of the respective ELSS client, as do all patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, other intellectual property rights, and secondary rights therein. No license or conveyance of any such rights to ELSS or its subcontractors is granted or implied under this agreement.

ELSS, Inc. agrees to treat confidentially all manuscripts, materials and information submitted to us for estimate or order. The submitted matter will be viewed only by our staff, editors or translators as necessary to provide requested estimates or deliver ordered services. All editors and translators are required to formally agree to non-disclosure of the materials.
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The client must agree to communicate about each job submitted to ELSS only through ELSS, and not to communicate directly with any subcontracting editor or translator of ELSS.

ELSS always strives to deliver completed services before the deadline for each order. Rarely, we are unable to meet a deadline. In such cases, ELSS will try to deliver as soon as possible and will grant the client a discount to be determined by ELSS.

ELSS works hard to improve the clarity of meaning, correctness of grammar, and consistency of style and content of each document we work on. Clarity, correctness and consistency are necessary but not sufficient for publication in most cases; most publishers require that manuscripts meet additional criteria, for example related to quality and originality of the content. While we may offer comments about such matters, ELSS accepts no responsibility for any such additional criteria.

While ELSS always makes every effort to provide high quality service with no omissions, misinterpretations, or errors, editing and translation are inherently complex activities that involve subjective judgement. It remains the client's responsibility to review delivered edited or translated documents to verify accuracy and completeness. ELSS makes no guarantee that the delivered work is free of omissions, misinterpretations or errors or that the client will be satisfied with the results of our work. Each client must agree in advance to pay for all delivered services that they order from ELSS within 45 days of the sending of the invoice regardless of whether or not they are satisfied with the delivered results. If a client is dissatisfied with the results of ELSS work, ELSS will work diligently with the client to try to resolve all remaining problems.