Scientific editing and translation

Unsolicited Testimonials

     Referees and editors have commended the manuscripts edited by ELSS for the high quality of the English.
Prof. S.O., The University of Tokyo
      I was pleased to see that what I had intended to say in my awkward English was expressed accurately in much more readable English.
Prof. T. O., Hokkaido University
     The translated manuscript conveyed what I had really intended to say. I am likely to come back with more requests in the future. I hope this is the beginning of a productive relationship.                    
Anonymous client  
     I appreciate the high quality of the editing. Please send my heart-felt appreciation to the two editors who worked on it.                   
Prof. M.M., Osaka University
     I have reviewed the edited manuscript, and am very pleased that the output is of such a high quality.
     Thank you very much for your scrupulous editing of our English manuscript. Your comments have been very useful; they helped us see where we needed to clarify our explanations.
A researcher at a large independent institute
     I appreciate the revisions made by ELSS. They were very useful.    
Anonymous doctor at a private hospital
     We have asked many different agencies to edit our manuscripts previously, and have often had referees comment on shortcomings in the resulting English writing. On the other hand, the manuscript edited by ELSS generated no such comments.
Anonymous corporation