Scientific editing and translation


ELSS editing

Re-edit explanation

For editing of new versions of documents for which ELSS has edited a previous version, during the reservation request or work request process, we need some additional information and materials to start the work.


Importantly, we highly recommend reservation requests in advance to help us to reserve the same editors who worked on the earlier version. These editors will already be familiar with the content and will do a better job than editors who have not seen an earlier version of your document(s).

Required materials and information

Please always provide the ELSS job number from an edit of an earlier version of the document(s). If you do not remember the job number, then inform us of the month and year when that previous work was requested. In your revised document, please include the figures, tables, references, supplementary information and all other relevant contents.

If your document has been submitted to a journal, then please also provide the following items if available (optional but recommended):
The previously submitted version
The editor’s and reviewers’ feedback
Your responses to the reviewers

Editing the whole document or part of the document

We recommend that you request editing of the entire new version, in which case ELSS will discount corresponding to large sections that do not require any editing. If you prefer to specify that ELSS edit only certain passages, then please clearly mark those passages with highlight or a different font color than the passages that should not be edited. Also, in this case please inform us what we should do in case we notice errors in the passages that we are not asked to edit by selecting one of the two options below on the reservation request or work request form:
1. Edit only the marked text or 2. Edit beyond the marked text up to what would be covered by a maximum amount that you specify in yen.