Scientific editing and translation

Flow of ELSS Services


A rough estimate can be calculated with the Cost Estimator by entering the number of words or moji, the type of service, and the speed of service. For a detailed estimate based on the submitted document, please go to the Sending a document section.
Cost Estimator


All ELSS services require acceptance of our Terms-of-Service.

Please view our Terms-of-Service here.


There is a better chance that we can reserve the best editor or translator for your document if you inform us about the details of your request long in advance. Reservation requests are accepted no later than 17:00 on the business day before a business day when the document will arrive at ELSS. As soon as an appropriate editor or translator agrees to handle your document, we will inform you that your reservation request has been accepted. We strongly recommend reservations for 3-day and 1-day services.

For reservation requests, please provide details on the Reservation Request form

Sending a document

If you have an accepted reservation, then please send your document using the Reserved File Upload form.

If you did not reserve and your document is complete and ready, then please send the file using the Work Request form to order services or request a formal estimate. ELSS will then check editor or translator availability and get back to you within one business day.

After we receive your materials, we may need to contact you to clarify details. To avoid delay, in either form please include contact details by which we can reach you quickly. 

Editing / Translation

If you have a reservation, work will begin as soon as the document is received.
If an estimate has been requested, work will be assigned upon your approval of the estimate.
An unreserved request requires ELSS to select editors/translators and check their availability. Work will begin when appropriate editors/translators have accepted the assignment and received the materials.
Normally, one editor/translator edits/translates the document and sends it to another editor/translator for a final check.  


After completion of the final check, the document will be checked for completeness and returned to you. If you have any questions regarding the particulars of our editing/translation of your document, please read our FAQ about how to submit questions and email your questions to us


After your document has been returned to you, we will send you billing documents, such as the invoice, within approximately 2 weeks. Please pay within 45 days of receipt of these documents.
For payment details, please click here.