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ELSS prepares rough English recordings with reading by technically literate, native-English speakers.

  • Price: 1200 yen/page (excluding tax, 200 words/page)
    12,000 yen minimum charge
  • Discount
    For recordings of documents that ELSS has edited or translated, the rate is discounted by 15%.
  • Deadline
    Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. Faster delivery may be possible with reservations in advance.
    Recordings are delivered as computer-compatible audio files in standard formats.
  • Notes
    1) These recordings are recorded in an office (not in a recording studio) and may contain a few stray noises and minor errors.
    2) While recording, ELSS will not correct errors in documents that we have not edited or translated.
Design and Layout

We support the production of technical documents, annual reports, books, etc., with the following services:

  • page design
  • type selection
  • graphs and diagrams redrawn
  • Photo correction
  • indexing

Prepared in Adobe InDesign or other software and output in PDF for submission to printers. We can work with your templates or prepare templates for you.


Having trouble visualizing your research for figures and graphical abstracts? Want to gain more visibility, understanding, and impact for your research? Illustrations can help! ELSS can connect researchers to professional scientific illustrators ready to bring your science to life with clear and engaging visuals. With strong background knowledge in science, our illustrators are experienced at creating images for scientific publications and for outreach materials to share your research with a broader audience.
Want a quote for an illustration? Tell us a bit more about your research and illustration needs by requesting and filling out a questionnaire.

Other services

Please feel free to inquire about other services not listed here. We can sometimes arrange writing, other specific tasks, or consulting on a case-by-case basis.